The new all-rounder from TriOS

As a new all-rounder, NICO plus not only offers the parameters NO3-N, NO3, NOx-N and NOx previously known from NICO, but has now been expanded to include numerous parameters. These include UVT254, UVT254n, SAK254, CSBeq, BSBeq, TOCeq, DOCeq, turbidity and TSSeq. An internal temperature correction additionally increases the stability of the measured values. Equipped with our innovative G2 interface with web browser configuration and internal data logger, NICO plus has features that are significantly above the currently available devices on the market, in combination with an attractive price. The instrument platform of all TriOS photometers stands for uniform spare parts and consumables and universal use of the wide range of accessories. * Turbidity measurement according to DIN EN ISO 7027

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