Long-lasting and energy-efficient UV-LED technology and a robust design are the core features of LISA UV. Like all TriOS sensors LISA uses the unique nanocoated windows combined with compressed air flushing to achieve long operating times without cleaning. The TriOS G2 interface allows quick and easy integration of the sensor into existing process control systems or external data loggers. In addition to the integrated network interface, LISA UV is available with digital or analog output. The sensor can easily be configured through any standard web browser on a PC, tablet or smartphone. The optical path length can be adapted to the application at any time by various lens sockets. An automatic turbidity compensation is carried out by a second measuring channel. Through application-specific correlation LISA UV can be configured for direct output of BODeq, CODeq, TOCeq. A direct output of UVT254 is also possible. LISA – Cutting-edge measurement technology at low investment and operating costs.

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