The 2B Technologies Model 306 Ozone Calibration Source™ is a portable source of ozone that allows you to calibrate any ozone monitor - not just those manufactured by 2B Tech. The instrument scrubs ozone from ambient air and produces any mixing ratio of ozone in the range 30 to 1,000 ppbv. The desired ozone concentration is chosen from the easy-to-use menu using a rotary select switch, or can be controlled remotely via the serial menu. The total output flow rate is in the range 3.0-3.2 L/min volumetric, and the ozone mixing ratio is controlled so as to be independent of ambient temperature, pressure, and humidity. You can attach the Ozone Calibration Source (OCS™) output directly to the inlet of any ozone monitor; the excess flow is vented through an ozone scrubber internal to the OCS. Although the instrument comes calibrated against a NIST-traceable ozone standard, the menu allows the user to change the calibration parameters of the ozone output if desired.

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